Reimagining Seafood to Nourish Life

Reimagining Seafood to Nourish Life

CEO Message

The disruptions of the past two years have inspired widespread reflection among people and organizations alike — from businesses re-evaluating their supply chains to families rethinking long daily commutes.

At High Liner Foods, we had already initiated a period of planning and reflection before the effects of the pandemic began to take hold. We’d started to engage our team in the development of a new purpose. And early work had already begun on a new strategy to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities — already well established in our company — even more deeply into our overall business approach.


This year we continued to enhance our own sustainability performance while supporting responsible practices throughout the seafood industry.

643,000 lbs
of food waste reduction
(compared to 2020)
of seafood responsibly sourced (2020: 96%)
of raw material sourced from audited suppliers (2020: 98%)
decline in safety incidents since 2020 (21 to 16)
decline in safety incidents from 2018 baseline (25 to 16)
of Board members are women (2020: 30%)
of senior managers are women (2020: 28.6%)
in community support in 2021 through donations and products