Our Approach

A commitment to meeting high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards sharpens our focus and enhances our performance in every area of our business — from seeking energy efficiencies in the operation of our plants to partnering across our supply chain in support of seafood industry sustainability.

The rigorous governance and oversight mechanisms that support the success of our business also underpin the quality and rigour of our ESG initiatives. From carefully developed and regularly updated policies to clear lines of reporting and accountability, we ensure that our rules and practices reflect the strength of our commitment to making our organization truly sustainable.

Sustainability governance. Our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team are committed to achieving high ESG standards. We believe the purpose and values of High Liner Foods — as well as the expectations of our stakeholders — all point to the need for an outstanding sustainability program. We also believe that strong ESG performance supports the profitability and valuation of the Company.

Given the importance of ESG to the Company’s risk management and business strategies, and considering also that sustainability concerns cut across our organization, our ESG program is overseen by three committees of the Board: the Governance, Audit and HR committees.

  • The Governance Committee of the Board of Directors oversees our entire program, ensuring that management is implementing the Company’s ESG framework responsibly.
  • On environmental compliance matters specifically, responsibility rests with our Environmental Steering Committee, which reports to the Audit Committee. Made up of representatives from across the Company and meeting quarterly, the Environmental Steering Committee oversees and acts on environmental topics such as regulatory compliance and evolving requirements, waste and hazardous substance management practices, air emissions, and occupational health and safety concerns.
  • The Human Resources Committee (HR Committee) ensures that the health and safety of employees is protected and prioritized, and that management is effectively designing and pursuing goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion.